Men as Caregivers: The Changing Face of Caregiving


December 30, 2020

The profile of the “average” caregiver is changing. A new publication reports 22 million informal male caregivers in the United States and about 840,800 living in Texas. These men are caring for spouses, parents, children, grandchildren and friends. 

Evidence shows that men and women think differently. Since they approach life challenges in different ways, it follows that most men may handle the role of caregiver in ways that are unique from women caregivers. From Who Says Men Don’t Care? A Man’s Guide to Balanced and Guilt Free Caregiving, available from,Barnes&, Books-A-Million, or IndieBound.

The profile of the differences in men and women as caregivers:

The guide identifies types of caregivers with a discussion of whether they are a Lone Wolf, The Angry Man, The Perfectionist, a Manager, or a Techno-Virtual caregiver. Additional factors that influence men as caregivers are explored, including the generation in which the male caregiver is born. The more a man understands who he is, the better care he is able to provide.It also contains short assessments so men can see when they reach a Tipping Point and need to have alternate plans. There is a clear distinction between caring for someone with an Acute versus a Chronic condition. The publication has a special section for caring for a spouse. 

The key concept in Who Says Men Don’t Care? is balance. In nature no species can live for long periods of time in extreme conditions. Caregiver extreme conditions can lead to burnout. Caregivers loose perspective and can become angry and depressed. Caregivers who are under stress and experiencing burnout can lose the ability to care with compassion and love. This Guide does not promise to provide all the answers, but as the first caregiving guide created for men, it does offer men concrete ideas and suggestions for how to stay balanced and healthy. If you are a man in a caregiving situation, or you know someone who is, this guide may help.

Edited from an article provided by James V.Gambone, PH.D. Co-author with Rhonda Travland, MS. of Who Says Men Don’t Care? A Man’s Guide to Balanced and Guilt Free Caregiving. The publication is available at: online at

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Edited by Zanda Hilger, M. M.Ed., LPC

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