Lester’s Caregiver Story


December 5, 2023

How did you become the caregiver for your loved one?

When I married my beautiful wife. 

Has your relationship changed with the loved one that you are caring for? If so how?

My father-in-law. Since the passing of my mother-in-law in 2017. I’ve watched my father-in-law regress from being semi independent to completely dependent due to dementia. 

What is the hardest thing about being a caregiver and the most rewarding thing?

Hardest is the frustration you sometimes experience when the person you care for continues to repeatedly do things that are not in order. Most rewarding is the support of my beautiful wife. I’m a retired police officer. My wife is a schoolteacher. 

What advice would you give to other caregivers?

Don’t lose your cool in challenging situations. Have patience and remember that these once great people don’t realize what’s going on with them. 

In ten words or less, what has caregiving taught you?

Doing for another as I would want done for me!

Describe a situation where being a Fearless Caregiver helped you succeed?

Both of my parents are deceased. I have adopted my father-in-law as my father. The sky is the limit for my wife and me to make my father-in-law’s life as comfortable as possible!

Source: Caregiver.com blog

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