Home Care: Can I Be Paid as a Caregiver and What Home Based Services are Available? (Recording)


May 3, 2021
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Guest Speaker: 

Cathy Stump, Senior Case Manager, North Central Texas Area Agency on Aging is Senior Case Manager at the North Central Texas Council of Governments Area Agency on Aging. Cathy worked for the Department of Aging and Disability Services for three years before being transferred to the Health and Human Services Commission where she worked for three more years as the supervisor for the Program Support Unit, which handles the STAR+PLUS Waiver program. Cathy has extensive experience in Department of Aging and Disability Services programs as well as the STAR+PLUS Waiver program and Medicaid Managed Care.


Learn about federal and state-level policies and restrictions to paid family caregivers. How do states differ? Define types of home based services that may be available and how to apply for them.


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