Fearless Caregiver


May 3, 2021

My caregiver journey began when I I got a distressed call from a outstate DCF office (one of many state adult protective services) saying my mom was becoming a ward of the state. I lived nearly 3000 miles away. My life went into boxes or the trash can. I drove to South Florida and on way had a car accident, that was not all my fault, so here we go.

Caregiving has changed my relationship with my mom. I love my mom but we were on a rocky road as I was a teen when I moved away early.  She has bad mental illness with depression, anxiety, and constant worry.  I have been able to help her and care for her despite her being abusive verbally (she likes to put digs into you).

The hardest thing about being a caregiver is dealing with the mental illness and depression my mom has wrestled with her whole life. The reward is knowing you tried and care deep down, despite a rough life with her.  The hardest thing dealing with all these failing systems and non-caring people in South Florida.

What would I tell other caregivers?  Boy oh boy, try to ask for help.  it’s so easy to get into traps of feeling like you failed or can always do better. It will burn you out.  It’s very difficult to cope with a very hard job that is in my case is for a very trying, difficult parent. Try to clear the air.

I have learned about myself that I am a good person and a caring person.

Learning tools all help you from seminars, groups, etc.

Reference: Caregiver.com (https://caregiver.com/cg-community/fearless-caregiver-profiles/scott/) 

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