Fearless Caregiver Profile: Robyn Seay


April 10, 2023

Robyn Caregiver Story

How did you become the caregiver for your loved one?

Our mother came to live with me after our oldest sister passed away from cancer. Mom was with us for six years until she developed dementia and we had to make the decision to place her in an assisted living home.

Has your relationship changed with the loved one that you are caring for? If so how?

From the moment we placed in the home everything changed. I went from seeing her everyday to visiting her 3 to 4 times a week. I had to put my trust in God to use the caregivers to give mom the love and care she needed.

What is the hardest thing about being a caregiver and the most rewarding thing?

I would say the most challenging was knowing she wanted to be back home with us. The most rewarding things was knowing that she was getting the care we could no longer give her.

What advice would you give to other caregivers?

Let everything you do for your loved one let it be with love, patience and grace.

In ten words or less, what has caregiving taught you?

Humility, Kindness, Faithfulness, Patience, Love

Describe a situation where being a Fearless Caregiver helped you succeed?

I had the support and prayers of my family and church family. My faith and trust in God gave me what I needed to accomplish the task of caring for our mother with compassion and great peace.

Source: Reposted with permission from Caregiver.com

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