Facebook and Twitter for Caregivers


December 26, 2020


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Join Family Caregivers Online on Social Media!

Facebook and Twitter, two popular Social Media platforms, have changed the way that people communicate and connect with one another.

Think of Social Media as a community available when you want to find resources or learn new information at any hour of the day. For caregivers, these tools provide Information and education in short, time-effective messages.

We (Family Caregivers Online) post weekly messages about something specific to caregiving: stress management, finding resources, communicating with doctors, legal issues, and other valuable topics. These messages may also provide links to other resources including to online videos such at the youtube.com video of a caregiver session taught by a nurse at a college.

Facebook messages are like a shorter newsletter. Twitter messages provide a very brief message (140 total characters or less) that may also provide a link to other resources.

Facebook: If you are not already part of the Facebook community, go to Facebook.com and create a personal page. We encourage you to limit the information you provide in the “profile” section if you are going to limit your use and are not looking for other “friends.” People find you through the information you put into your Facebook page.

Twitter: Go to Twitter.com. Follow the easy steps to create an account.

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