Changing Isolation and Loneliness into Better Connections with Others


February 15, 2023
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What is the difference between isolation and loneliness in older adults? How can family caregivers help their care receiver make more meaningful connections? Learn better ways to use your communication skills to fit the communication style of the person you care for.

Andy Crocker, MS., Extension Specialist in Gerontology Health, Andy Crocker’s main focus is the health and well-being of the aging population in the State of Texas. Andy has been a frequent speaker at caregiver events and is a returning Teleconnection speaker. Listen to Andy Crocker’s Teleconnection presentation on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for Older Adults and Caregivers. 

**Sponsored by the North Central Texas Caregiver Teleconnection program**

Learn more about Caregiver Teleconnection’s free monthly calls by visiting their website or calling toll free: 866-390-6491.

We hope this information is helpful to you in the important work you do as a family caregiver.
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