VIDEO: Caregiver Quick Tips

The following QuickCare videos are provided by
WellMed Charitable Foundation & Active Daily Living.

Watch to learn hundreds of no / low-cost ideas that provide unique and easy solutions to common problems older adults face while doing everyday activities. A licensed Occupational Therapist approves each tip!

Easy Reach Toilet Flusher

If it is hard for you to reach the flusher, tie a long cord around the handle. Firmly tape it in place. Then, just pull down on the cord to flush. You can do this while seated. Or, you can stand and just lean slightly forward so your hand comes in contact with the cord.

Do It Yourself Nonslip Doorknob Grip

Wrap rubber bands around a door or drawer knob to create a non-slip surface. You will use less grip force on the knob. Also, you will not have to bend your fingers as much to hold the enlarged size of the knob.

Easy Open Pot Top Cans

Slide a utensil handle or spoon through the ring on top of a pop top can. Lift up on the handle to lift the ring as you push the tab down toward the can. Hold and lift the utensil handle with your whole hand. This is easier than having to pinch and lift the ring with your small finger muscles.

Make Your Sink bottom Higher

If you hurt when you work at your sink, it may too low for you. To create a higher surface inside the sink, turn a dish rack upside down in the sink. Now, you can stand up straighter as you work on this higher surface.

Recipe Hanger

Having to bend over to read your recipe card can be tiring and painful for your neck or back. Clip a recipe to a skirt hanger. Then, hang it on the knob/handle of an upper cabinet. Now the recipe will be at eye level for easy viewing.

Easy Pull Dresser Handles

If your dresser drawer knobs and handles are small, they can be hard to grasp. Create an easy to grasp handle. Tightly loop a cord around dresser drawer knobs or handles. Allow some hanging slack to create an easy to pull handle. Just slide your hand into the loop and pull.

Parking With Space

When you will exit from the curbside of a parked car, ask the driver to not park too close to the curb. You want to have enough room to place your feet and any walking device on the pavement, not on the curb. This will make it easier for you to stand up.

Use a Contrasting Placemat

To better see your plate and utensil, make them stand out from the table surface. Create color contrast between your table setting and the table top. Use a tablecloth or placement to do this. 

We hope this information is helpful to you in the important work you do as a family caregiver.
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