Caregiver Education

Free Caregiver Education

Are you looking for Caregiver Education? 
Enjoy these free, self-paced, education topics to help family caregivers and older adults. 

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  1. Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias
  2. Behavior and Emotions of Aging
  3. Caregiving in the LGBTQ+ Community (new)
  4. Communication and Relationships
  5. Communication with Health Care Providers
  6. Depression and Anxiety from Caregiving
  7. End of Life Planning
  8. Financial Planning for Family Caregivers
  9. Housing Options for older adults
  10. How to Build a Medical Binder
  11. Legal Issues for Caregivers
  12. Long Distance Caregiving
  13. Managing Grief, Loss, and Change
  14. Nutrition, Kitchen Safety, and Meal Planning
  15. Safety and Independence
  16. Self-care & Stress Management for Caregivers
  17. Sensory loss
  18. Strategies for Working Caregivers
  19. Substance Abuse Among Older Adults
  20. Video Caregiver Quick Tips
  21. Video Training for Caregivers
  22. Wellness and Chronic Illness
  23. When A Person dies

More Online Learning:

EN ESPANOL – Alzheimer’s Association:

Additional education is accessible with free online training available all day, every day. Workshops are available below to gain caregiving skills and practical tips.

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