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Caregiving for an Aging Narcissist: Navigating the Challenges with Compassion Caring for a loved one with narcissistic traits can be exceptionally challenging, especially when the individual is aging...

Understanding and Managing Caregiver Depression

What is Caregiver Depression? Caregivers often face constant demands that can lead to mild or serious depression. Some may experience a return of depression they had earlier...

Dementia Risk Reduction Strategies

The need for effective dementia risk reduction strategies that help all communities increases by the day. Two-thirds of Americans have at least one major potential risk...

Talking With Your Doctor Worksheets

Organizing your health information can be a daunting task, but it’s essential for effective communication with your healthcare provider. The National Institute on Aging...

Financial Planning for Older Adults: What Family Caregivers Need to Know Starting the conversation early about finances with your parents or loved ones before a crisis is essential to making good...

How Much Water Should Older Adults Drink?

Water is essential for life - our bodies are 55-60% water. We need it to keep our organs and body healthy, help us digest food, absorb nutrients, and get rid of waste. ...

Strategies to Reduce Hospital Readmissions Among Older Adults

Hospital readmissions among older adults can be a significant challenge for family caregivers. These readmissions often stem from complex, high-risk factors such as memory...

Supporting Seniors in Transition: Caregiving Strategies for Aging in Place

Whether provided by family members or paid professionals, receiving care from others can be challenging for seniors aging in place due to several reasons: Pride Many seniors...

Why Hydration is Essential for Seniors

Staying hydrated is crucial for everyone, but it becomes even more vital as we age, especially during the scorching North Texas summers.  1. Preventing Health Issues...

Declutter Your Parent’s Home While They Can Join In

Tips for turning what may seem an onerous chore into a fun opportunity for loved ones to share their life stories. My mom is a bit of a hoarder. She's the type of person who...

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Caregiver Stories

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Jane’s Story: Caring for my mom with Alzheimer’s

My name is Jane, and I’ve been caring for my mother, who has Alzheimer’s, for the past five years. When her diagnosis came, I felt overwhelmed and unprepared. Our days start early. I help Mom with her morning routine, which includes bathing, dressing, and having...

MaRynn Taylor shares her family’s Alzheimer’s experience

Q&A with MaRynn Taylor: “The Only Thing That Matters Is Love” Country Music Television’s 2023 “Next Women of Country” and Black River artist and songwriter MaRynn Taylor shares her family’s journey with her grandparents, who are both living with Alzheimer’s...

Living with Alzheimer’s – Richard and Kate’s story

January 21, 2011 is the anniversary of Kate’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s. That was a life-changing event. At the time we recognized that, but now we know and understand it far better. We don’t celebrate the day itself. We celebrate the fact that she is still with me...

The Lesson of the Glass of Water and Self-Care

After 16 weeks of my husband's falls, surgeries, hospital and rehabilitation stays, followed by the adjustment to returning home, my energy and patience reserves were drained. The other morning, as I was doing the minimum to get dressed and prepare for the day, I...

Decisions for Life

The decisions we have to make in life so often seem difficult to me. When my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’ s disease I had the job of my life. I never dreamed I would be so fortunate in the job market as this. Management at the company I was working for were...

Shifting Family Roles with Edla Prevette

Edla Prevette is a mental health counselor who cared for both of her parents. Edla’s professional and personal care experiences are being poured into a program she has developed for adult children of aging parents. In this episode, Edla shares ways in which you can...

Patricia’s Caregiver Story

My name is Patricia, and this is my caregiver story. I care for my mother, Lucille, a breast cancer survivor. She suffers from crippling arthritis, rendering her unable to walk. She is still sharp in mind and a joy to be around. Also, a never-ending mom who worries...

Caregiver Profile: Cynara Lowary

How did you become the caregiver for your loved one? Taking care of my grandmother. Has your relationship changed with the loved one that you are caring for? If so, how? It just made my love for them even stronger, as well as wanting me to take care of others. What is...

3 Tales of Caring for an Aging Loved One at Home

The moment in time when our parents lose their independence is the beginning of an intimate and very personal journey for every family. I recently wrote about some of the important considerations when looking at long-term care facilities for a parent. Another option,...

Indra’s Caregiver Story

How did you become the caregiver for your loved one?  In 2017, my husband was diagnosed with Amyloidosis. Soon after receiving two stem cell transplants, he had three strokes. Over the next few years, multiple issues came up where I had to resign from my job.  Has...

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This website was created source of unbiased information for family and informal caregivers.
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To provide caregivers with helpful, current, and easy-to-navigate information, to assist them with caregiving. 

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Additional services include emailed newsletters, Caregiver TeleconnectionFacebook, Instagram and Twitter social media, and other information.

Family Caregivers

Winner of a 2021 Caregiver Friendly Award for (Media)

Winner of a 2021 Caregiver Friendly Award for (Media)

About Family Caregivers Online

Our Purpose

This website was created as a resource for caregivers as a source of unbiased information.

Our Mission

To provide caregivers with helpful, current, and easy-to-navigate information, to assist them with caregiving. 

Additional Services

Additional services include emailed newsletters, Caregiver TeleconnectionFacebook and Twitter social media, and other information.

Winner of the 2021 Caregiver Friendly Award

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