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How to Digitize Your Handwritten Notes

Learn about apps and device features that can turn your handwritten notes into digital text. Some can even help you transcribe audio and extract text from images. Do you have scribbled notes about your care recipient's activities, sleeping/ patterns, medication...

Free Caregiver Log Book

Being a family caregiver is a big job with a lot of responsibilities. Often medical professionals will ask how your care recipient has been eating, sleeping, evacuating, ect. since their last visit. It's difficult to remember what happened last week, much less this...

Benefits of Early Admission Into In-Home Hospice/Palliative Care How Early Admission Into In-Home Hospice/Palliative Care Benefit Patient And Family Caregiver Physically, Mentally And Financially Learn the difference between hospice and palliative care. How does early admission into hospice care benefit...

Should I go to the ER, an Urgent Care Clinic, or call my doctor?

As a caregiver, it's important to know where to get care quickly when the person you care for is ill. Here are the options to help you make the right choice for the situation at hand.  Should I call 911 and/or go to the hospital emergency room (ER)?  An emergency...

How to Ask for Help as a Caregiver

Do you feel as if you are drowning in caregiver responsibilities with no help in sight? Do you struggle to find the help you need? How often does someone lend you a helping hand? If you are like most caregivers, the answer is not often enough! On average, American...

August is MedicAlert Awareness Month

Medical alert systems connect people with help in the event of a fall or other emergency. Medical alert devices are available as at-home systems or on-the-go wearables, monitored or unmonitored, and traditional or specialized. Some systems include a wearable help...

11 Ways to Simplify Dressing and Grooming

As a family caregiver, assisting an elderly person who has mobility and/or memory issues can be quite challenging. Here are 11 ways to make this daily task easier for you and the person you care for.  Simplify clothing choices by putting out an outfit for the care...

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is an annual observance held in August to highlight the importance of vaccination for people of all ages.  Get back on track with routine vaccinations. August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). This annual...

Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

As people age, the simple task of dressing and undressing can become unduly difficult. The inability to get dressed can even keep people from doing the activities they love. Adaptive clothing can remove barriers by making dressing easier, prolonging independence and...

Fact Sheet – Driving and Older Adults

Older adults should be able to continue driving as long as they can safely do so. For most adults, driving is a symbol of independence. Driving allows us to run necessary errands, and it connects us to family, friends, and social activities. Unfortunately, as people...

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Caregiver Stories

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Caregivers discuss asking for help

You are not alone! Family caregiving is a huge job and caregivers need both emotional support and physical help. The following caregivers discuss different support networks that work best for them. I could not have come as far as I am without my family’s support, all...

The Day my Mother Passed Away

A daughter remembers and writes her thoughts and feelings the day her mother passes away. Editor’s Note: Names of a doctor, nurses, the facility referenced, and family members used in this essay were changed to respect confidentiality. Carol has been attending a...

Actor caring for her mother

‘P-Valley’ Star Brandee Evans Says Being Her Mom’s Caregiver Is ‘Bittersweet’ Taking care of “Momma,” who has Alzheimer’s and M.S., changed the actor’s life.   by Samantha Vincenty Originally published 7/1/2022 for Brandee Evans doesn’t seem to half-ass...

Lewy Body Dementia – Dawn’s Painful Story

An up close and personal story of caring from a caregiver's perspective -  Dawn Hamilton was motivated to share her experiences of caring for her husband who suffered from Lewy Body Dementia in hopes of helping others who are experiencing this difficult disease. She...

Understanding Dad’s Plan

Understanding Dad's Plan: More Observing Than conversation My Dad and I were very much alike. We both liked simplicity, cars and travel, comfortable and well-maintained homes, kept personal matters organized and didn’t want family and friends to worry about our health...

The Bookends: Peggy’s Story

"I had two opposite experiences with my parents; bookend stories regarding their end of life planning. My Dad was never one to discuss much, ever. Very old school but a real softie. He sold the family business and was going to fill many retirement hours playing golf....

Soledad O’Brien Discusses Caregiving for Her Parents

Renowned journalist, Soledad O'Brien, pinpoints mistakes to avoid, and shares financial planning advice. She was one of six siblings helping their aging parents when they could no longer manage on their own. (Her father passed away on Feb. 6, 2019, and her mother...

In-laws Caring in Their Home

"I am a co-care taker to my husband's older sister. She is widowed, has no children, and can not live alone. Like most Americans, assisted living is not an option because of the astronomical cost factor that we can not help to pay. Therefore, my husband and I took her...

Caregiver to Caregiver (Panel discussion)

For the March Teleconnection call, we have an interactive panel of family caregivers who will discuss the challenges and rewards of caregiving, what they have learned, and what they would advise other caregivers. During a Q & A, they will talk with listeners....

Caregiving happens! Dena’s Story

I can't recall when I became a caregiver, but I was willing to do so. After being marriage for about a year and a half my father asked me to move back in and I never left home again. It started with my father who work on the railroad ever since he was 16. After...

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Our Purpose

This website was created as a resource for caregivers as a source of unbiased information.

Our Mission

To provide caregivers with helpful, current, and easy-to-navigate information, to assist them with caregiving. 

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Additional services include emailed newsletters, Caregiver TeleconnectionFacebook, Instagram and Twitter social media, and other information.

Winner of a 2021 Caregiver Friendly Award for (Media)

Winner of a 2021 Caregiver Friendly Award for (Media)

About Family Caregivers Online

Our Purpose

This website was created as a resource for caregivers as a source of unbiased information.

Our Mission

To provide caregivers with helpful, current, and easy-to-navigate information, to assist them with caregiving. 

Additional Services

Additional services include emailed newsletters, Caregiver TeleconnectionFacebook and Twitter social media, and other information.

Winner of the 2021 Caregiver Friendly Award

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